Business Ethics: Ethics And Ethics Of Sales Ethics

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Sales Ethics Ethics are seen to the basic principles which are needed for the governing of behaviors. Ethics are not merely laws because they are not at all enforced by the governmental statutes. Ethics are seen to be going something beyond these laws. If a high level of ethical behavior has been enforced then it will also compel the individual in behaving in a truthful way. Ethics has wide implications in all fields of life. Ethics are seen to be realty important and values for the salesperson because he or she is the face of the company. Customers are also evaluating the company and its working based on its ethical standards. Salespeople need to make sure that they are having trust and valuing the customer relationship the most. It is also true that there are cases when businesses are experiencing the issues of legal laws and rules. In this way, the customers become distrustful of the company and also stop purchasing its products (Brass, 1998). This can then eventually result in the decrease of the Company’s profit.
The most important aspect is that even an unethical behavior of one salesperson could result in the undermining of the whole company’s reputation. There are some illegal selling activities which are found to be crossing the line. This means that the salesperson is seen to be misrepresenting the truth. The real attributes and properties
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Even the cosmetics would not appear to be very glamming and catchy and therefore this would eventually effect the sale of many of the products. Hence if puffery tends to get eliminated, the markets will only be left with the literal descriptions of the products and this literal description won’t be very effective nor will be very glamorous (Sangita,

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