Business Ethics Essay

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I. Introduction A. Thesis Statement An ethical business should have a code of ethics which should be followed by all the employees and all the business practices should be ethical. The same way that principles determine the actions of an individual also this applies to a business. II. Body paragraph #1 Introductory Ethical firm should not undertake unethical practices or even accept working with any of their stakeholder who executes unethical business practices. Business ethics refers to moral principles which show the manner in which a business operates. A. Statement of the problem Operating in an ethical manner entails differentiating between wrong and right and then choosing to do the right thing. B. Purpose The purpose of this research was to find out what an ethical business entails and the practices which that should be undertaken by a business in order to be permitted by the authorities to claim to be an ethical firm. C. Significance of the study Significance of the study was to identify the business practices which are unethical...

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