Business Ethics Case Study

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Ethics is referred as the standards of right and wrong. It is the study of own moral belief and moral conduct. Ethics play a major role in business. In today 's society, acknowledging and exercising the ideas of ethics is a fundamental factor that many organizations stress among business. The expression “good ethics is good business” is often frequently discussed. It 's been suggested that the topic is not strange in business. Business ethics is an application of ethics in general. The field of ethics is associated with what is right and wrong. Applying the concept of real decisions in is acknowledge business ethics.
Business ethics is the code of values and principles that govern the actions of a person that is either right or wrong. The business creates a code of ethics which is represented within the company’s or organization’s policy. Business ethics is defined as the set of moral values that governs the operations of businesses or companies, the making of business decisions how people are treated. In business, there are many different people that the decision affects such as the customers, shareholders, and clients. A code of conduct policy is critical to a business. This benefits by showing the employees about the expectations of the company which includes ethical behavior. The main key is to maintain the
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As the leader, a person should have a foundation of framework to handle any ethical dilemmas. According to Big Success (2008), “ethical decisions are often trade-offs between utility, rights, and justice.” When describing utility, it is referred as the value delivered to the stakeholders in the organization. The rights are referred to as the entitlement to something and justice is described as the equitable sharing of pain and pleasure. Leaders have to be ready for an issue with ethical problems and ready to solve with ethical
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