Business Ethics Case Study

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Business ethics and therefore business morality generally result from an individual 's own moral standards in the context of the political and cultural environment in which the organization is operating. The textbook definition of ethic is: the moral principle or value that generally govern the conduct of an individual or a group. An unethical situation I once encounter as an employee was when I worked at Avis Budget Group back in 2013-2014. My position was a Shuttle/Driver, which all I did was drive rental cars to local offsite branches. I was a good, dedicated, helpful, stood up and did work when no one else wanted to, stayed over after hours, and was very involved in the activities that took place within the company. I worked at Avis for…show more content…
To me there were no ground rules or ethics that was set among the company to have a smooth operating system. One particular accident that happen to me personally was when one day at the end of the day we were assigned to go meet some employees from Little Rock, Arkansas in Brinkley, Arkansas to swipe out cars. The place we meet up at was McDonald’s and of course I went in to get me something to eat and on the way back to Memphis they were working on the roads, which cause me to have some delay in my time getting back. As, I arrive back to Memphis at my job everyone was gone home for the day. The building was locked up and there was no way for me to clock out. The next day I get to work of course my manager calls me in to his office to have a meeting. He asked me why was I late getting back to Memphis and I calmly explained to him the reason and he immediately tells me I need to quite. I told him no I will not quiet, that he will have to fire me. So, then he have me to write out on paper what happen and why I was late getting back to the lot so he can give it to the Human Resource
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