Business Ethics

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The Moral Compass essay Ethics relates to given principles that govern behavior and conduct of a human being. Business ethics on the other hand is the code of a conduct that a company or an organization abides to in the day to day operations with the public (Conjecture Corporation, 2011). Making profits and high volume sales should not be the only goal of a business, a good reputation to the public is also very important for the survival of a company. This has led to companies formulating their code of ethics for employees to adapt. Consequences are also stipulated for those who defy these ethical codes and company guidelines. The world of electronic commerce (e-commerce) has also started articulating the same concerning unethical practices over the internet. Due to many complaints of unethical practices over the internet, many companies selling products online have started facing the challenge of developing of ethical codes in running their businesses. As a business leader I am expected to ensure that I adhere to the set codes of conduct. I should also make sure none of my employees violates any values set by the company and legislative authorities. Business leaders should behave like mentors. They should be the examples of good morals to their junior subordinates. When they act irresponsibly, that trickles down to the workers. There is no way that a worker will feel challenged by an irresponsible leader. If a leader allows disposal of harmful chemicals waste products into rivers, a junior worker will not be challenged by such behaviors. The worker will end up being influenced to throw office wastes aimlessly polluting the environment. Responsible business leaders need to be sensitive to what they are doing to the environment e... ... middle of paper ... ... publishing, (2011). Personal qualities of a leader. Retrieved from: Thompson J. (2009). The moral compass. IAP-Information Age Publishing. The Poynter Institute, (2011). Leaders and Ethics: Set the Standard, Build the Culture. Retrieved from: Xing AG, (2011). Some Thoughts on Personal Integrity and Business Focus. Retrieved from: Youth for human right international, (2011). Universal declaration of human rights. Retrieved from:
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