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d) Importance of global market Global marketing is the methodology of passing on a last product to worldwide with the trusts of arriving at the worldwide marketing group. It is when a specific market is reached around the world in each and every country with its products and brands launched. Global marketing is very effective in every large businesses, global marketing helps the business to grow in all the nations and to provide their goods and services around the world, global market is important as most of the efficient goods and services firms are really important to be worldwide so everyone can have the product including its nation. Global market is wanted by many countries to taste the other products designs and innovations throughout the world. Global market even involves in the trade of a countries economy, as more of markets are worldwide more of the economy are in profits within the trading field as in trading the goods and services of a global company. Markets which are global has a competitive advantage to its domestic competitors as in they are acquiring within the specif...
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