Business Case Study: The Case Of Apple Iphone 4

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This assignment is going to cover the case of Apple iPhone 4 and my opinion on different questions presented about the business. I will provide research into how products are doing in the market and I believe a culture shift for Apple. Corporations need to keep in mind how they react to situations has an impact on the success of their business. The Case of Apple iPhone 4 This case study looks at Apple and how they handled themselves through some challenging times. As an iPhone purchaser, I would have felt satisfied with Steve Jobs press conference because he focused on the breakthroughs of what Apple was offering on the iPhone 4. Steve presented the iPhone with its new features FaceTime video and Retina display is the highest resolution display ever in a phone, with text looking like it does on a fine printed page. (Elsbach, Kayes & Kayes, 2015) The company image was presented very well at the conference. Steve was very positive in presenting Apple’s reputation as an…show more content…
Consumers are willing to pay the price there is no need to lower prices. From what I know it is a profitable company and valued by many in the world. It creates innovative products that appeal to the customer. It is in the electronics industry; they promote low cost and gain consumer loyalty which brings a high profitability. In treating their own employees with dignity and respect is to say the least. Apple’s leadership style was command-and-control and take-no-prisoners attitude toward employees. (Spiegelman, 2012). The culture is changing because employees are being praised in public. Products are being made here in the United States instead of China. When litigations come up it seems they are being worked through verses starting them. They are pursuing arbitration with Motorola. (Spiegelman, 2012). The culture with Apple is slowly starting to change which will impact employees and

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