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1. A business process can be identified as a set of activities and tasks that once completed will accomplish an organizational goal. Sonny Lunch business has a goal of becoming the leader in Indian Cuisine in Trinidad and Tobago. He plans on achieving this goal by expanding his business through additional outlets throughout the country. He has chosen to keep somethings the same i.e. good food, low, prices, top-notch and a unique store atmosphere while providing a variety of dishes. He also have chosen to keep the business management within the family but outsource for recommendations to make this expansion a success.
Some things he have embarked on are expanded to some 10 -15 restaurants by the end of 2002 and as many as 40 locations in the next 5 years. With the research and guidance of Pitney Bowes MapInfo designated 20 neighborhoods which would afford Sonny the best opportunity for success. Some target spots in these areas are mall, food courts, shopping plazas etc. with emphasis placed on having locations alongside well-known brands so as to increase the recognition of his business. This has the tendency to attract new customers which inurn can increase sales and so profits.
Sonny have also chosen to improve the technology in which they use by installing Point of Sale
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Both of these areas require cost outlays and uncertainty. Moving your products into new categories or demographic segments requires market research, beta testing and new marketing strategies, Management of new remote locations may absorb significant time and attention. While the risks are more, the payoffs are large - and for most businesses looking to expand, these two methods of expansion are inevitable. Roti is sometimes referred to as a national dish of Trinidad and Tobago and so the demand is there. Based on the information given Sonny wasn’t advised to establish restaurants in rural areas such as Point Fortin, Siparia, Mayaro

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