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In Unites state may have different type of the business like a large corporation, Individual Corporation, Big business, small business etc. are subject to taxation by the government. There are many reasons to start a new business. It may have different type of business entity. It can be Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), S Corporation or C Corporation. They all have their own advantage and disadvantages also.
My friend has to decide to start a new business. He asks me to assist him. To help him better way and to understand his needs, I would be asking him some of the questions to understand what are his requirements and what kinds of services he is looking for. My question would be what kind of business are you looking for and why? How much capital do you need for business and who will be providing your financial support? , How will you be managing the liability, profit &
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My friend is looking for business with someone helps as there will be many activities need to be managed to run a business. He is looking where he will have some support to run his business. My friend has an excellent knowledge to run this business and marketing and but looking for help in accounting, taxation and resource management to co-ordinate business and also have helped him to more focus on other activities. My friend is also looking for some financial support from another partner. Both will be contributing to the business so that there will be limited burden on him. Business Partnership will provide him that financial support which he is looking for. Partnership agreement should address for the business rules, authority and responsibility for each partner. Whatever they will decide to make decision, they both will be agree with that decision and policies. It requires some legal process to follow to make sure that business runs based on defined rules and

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