Business Case Studies: Beneficia Effective Procurement: Roles, And Management

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In today’s economy, most organizations are expecting employees to deliver more, faster, and with fewer resources. Procuring the necessary goods and services essential in order to enable a successful business’s employees to meet these expectations, is paramount (Hopkins & Howe, 2014). Therefore, the procurement role has become in high demand, and extremely mobile, allowing for the specialization needed, and a long-term career, to keep businesses contending (Hopkins & Howe, 2014).
While an employee may become an expert in the field of procurement, the requirements to comply with proposal processes, being as fair and transparent as possible, does require some institutional knowledge, and the desire to remain current with regulations or trends in the industry. Once employees have been trained, acquired the necessary expertise, and begun their careers as procurement personnel, it is
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Procurement personnel may complete tasks such as sourcing, and buying the right thing, at the right price, at the right time. The detailed research, communication, and bargaining required, help to reduce costs, maintain quality, and manage the level of risk to the supply chain. Business Case Studies (2016) describe the role of procurement to include: reducing costs and improving profitability, reducing waste by managing demand, improving cash flow, improving efficiency, and improving the competitiveness of the business. Tasks of this caliber truly require the skills of a professional. Seemingly this undertaking is not something generally broadcast as a selling point of a company, however, it is noticed as a win, especially by suppliers and clients, proving that effective purchasing and supply brings many benefits to a

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