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Business Analysis and Recommendations The world has moved at a considerable pace in the last few decades.

Life has transformed completely with the invention of a number of

useful modern machinery and gadgets that have eased the workload on

people noticeably. Machines have replaced manual labour in so many

fields of life. Everything is automated and digital now. The progress

scale of man has reached hitherto unthinkable heights.

The computer is a simple yet highly advanced tool that has altered the

face of life as we know it with astounding alacrity. It is so

multi-faceted and pertinent to so many everyday tasks that it has been

instantly accepted by one and all. Youngsters, adults, the business

world - it is popular and handy universally. And nothing appeals to

the youth of today like an enticing game that gets their competitive

juices flowing, with an intelligent concept and snappy graphics. It

can be proven with conclusive evidence that computer games have never

been as popular, fashionable and trendy that the present.

With this encouraging fact in mind, a group of young, innovative
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