Business Analysis: Sloans Lake Managed Care

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1652 words

In order for Sloans Lake Managed Care (SLMC) to go from being an organization whereby Health plans and self-funded employers paid Sloans Lake to have access to the panel of doctors and hospitals with which it had contracts and move to being a fully insured HMO, the organization would have to use an implementation strategy. First, by utilizing employee participation and a good communication plan the organization would create a behavioral model for how the business would respond to the shift in organizational strategy in order to achieve and maintain outstanding performance. SLMC would still be the biggest PPO provider in the state, but their major focus would need to shift to being a fully insured health plan. Next, the organization would have to train the employees in order to make the change from being purely a network provider, to being a fully insured carrier. This would require a new set of core competencies. Because of this, the organization would require employees to learn new skills and behaviors. Training programs reinforced by the actions of top leadership helped freeze the newly learned skills and behaviors, it also allowed for advancement in the organization. After that, SLMC used talent management to infuse the organization with change ready, competent individuals that could help create and attain the desired change. Finally, Sloans implemented a more collaborative organic structure and a performance management system that would further help to reinforce mission, vision, and values in order for the organization to be successful in its change (Spector, 2010).

Behaviors, Knowledge, and Skills

The organization’s mission, vision and values statements were created with input from all employees. This allowed the organiza...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains how sloans lake managed care (slmc) needed an implementation strategy to move from being a network provider to being an insured hmo.
  • Explains how sloans lake health plan used good communication, employee participation, and feedback to implement its implementation strategy.
  • Explains robbins, judge, and vohra's book, organizational behavior.
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