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CarterCorson are business psychologists with class-leading expertise in solving people issues to improve business performance. The company has built an impressive blue-chip client base that ranges from the Scottish Parliament and the NHS to Aviva and HSBC. Since its inception over a decade ago, CarterCorson has never lost a client. The company recognises that people and organisations have the talent to be successful but not necessarily the required behaviours and attitudes. This can be applied to all organisations, whatever their size or sector, making the potential market for these services unlimited and global.

Monies raised will be used: to accelerate the growth of the core executive development business; to develop an e-learning offering which fills the current void in high quality on-line development and allows accelerated volume growth; and to launch a range of innovative consultancy and web-based psychology solutions for existing clients and consumer markets, tapping into the growing applications market.

The company expects to exit via trade sale in 3 to 5 years.

Market Proposition

Capitalising on a growing focus and trend towards the use of psychology in business and leadership development - CarterCorson is a profitable business providing bespoke development, assessment and coaching, underpinned by psychology to top level executives. Clients include blue chip corporates and major public sector clients.

The global market for these services is significant, even in the current climate. Programmes are fully bespoke, accounting for client specific issues, in the context of current corporate strategy. As such, results yield superior results than off the shelf programmes. To counteract the limitations...

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... development capabilities through sector focused Non-Execs or Board Advisors who will be commission based, a Business Development Director and outsourced telemarketing capacity supported by outsourced PR & strategic marketing. Funds will also be utilised in the development of on-line versions of the most popular products and psychology related mobile applications, which will be sold via an enhanced website.

Exit Strategy

CarterCorson expect to exit within 3 years and believe there are two key exit opportunities:

(i) Senior management could lead an MBO

(ii) The company has already been approached on a number of occasions by larger recruitment, training and professional service firms with a view to extending their services or capitalising on our client base. On this basis, it is believed that a trade sale is a very realistic proposition within the timescale.

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