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In the past, the world was parts of continents and continents parts of countries which represent their culture separately. In addition, the communication between different cultures and communities slightly difficult or need so much time. Nowadays, we could imagine something different from the past which we hear terms of new world features like melting pot, globalization, culture, and global perspective. Al-Balabki (1995:570) concludes that, melting pot is a place where immigrants of different ethnicities, cultures or countries come to live together with variety of ideas and races. According to J. Jary (1991) that,”culture is defined as the unique ideas, customs, skills, arts, behavior, appearances and communication of a group of people”. To quote Wikipedia (n.d), “globalization refers to increasing global connectivity, integration and interdependence in the economic, social, technological, cultural, political and ecological spheres”. Moreover, there are many examples for global culture which make all cultures around the world effective. However, I am going to write about internet, English as a global language and business in this essay. Internet is the largest sources of information in these days. It can provide a wide variety of information which anyone needs it. Internet revolution has made a huge change in many aspects in our lives. It becomes a method to know more and more about many different things. It helps the whole world to be small village. Now anyone could speak with another person in minutes or less than that. Moreover, you can communicate with people from different country, culture, lifestyle and geography. It is really amazing system which enriches the global development in most fields. Co... ... middle of paper ... ...Birkat Almouz store. However, business ethics and management structure dive me real experience to deal with managers or customers to reach work performance and customer satisfaction in any work place around the world. In conclusion, globalization has its effects in different fields business, internet, and English language in the whole world. They are important examples which have influential causes and reasons. In my opinion, sometimes they are being positive and sometime being negative. For instance, some examples of global culture being useful just for the first world countries and in the same case being harmful for third world countries. However, globalization solve so much points like wasting time, make the distances between different counties are too small and easier. As a result, every country should modify each globalization example to be fitness.

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