Burqa Ban

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July 13, 2010- The National Assembly of France passed "the French ban on face coverings" also dubbed the Burqa Ban. This ban makes any face covering, including the niqab, and long robes like the abaya illegal in public. The face covering ban (Burqa Ban) in France takes the façade of protecting Muslim women from oppression who are allegedly coerced into wearing modest and full coverings, but reality it is just as oppressive to take away a person's right to wear what they desire. And what makes this worse is that feminist can't wait for the ban to spread, especially to the democratic and progressive countries in Europe and in the West. Even the feminists believe that women wear abayas by force and that those who wear it are abused and degraded, and so they push support at the unjust ban which violates basic freedom. The feminist doctrine calls for an equality and advocates freedom for women, freedom from societal stereotypes and archetypes, domesticized roles, and domineering impositions from social authorities which threaten the value of a woman.

The Burqa Ban is a highly controversial topic, and the views vary to the extremes. Some people definitely argue that women are in fact being degraded through full body coverings which reduce the entity of a woman into something invisible or indistinguishable as a human. Also, they argue that most women are forced to wear coverings like the Burqa and niqab because of the Islamic Shariah law, which seems to be an oppressive and totalitarian tool of submission. But I can attest that some women will agree with me that the coverings do the exact opposite. They raise the value of a woman who cannot be judged by her body and her appearance, but rather has to be evaluated by her pers...

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...d oppressed women from being degraded. The blind acceptance of stereotypes and its partner in ignorance can be corrected and prevented. Instead people should help support the coverings which help women from a leering public which often defines a woman by her looks and clothes and amount of sexualization instead of character. A true feminist stance should be taken by helping women keep their rights to cover themselves and by promoting modesty as to stop the increasing degradation of all women through social media. A stance not only for women to cover themselves but for women to be able to wear what they want without being pressured or forced into the will of another. Feminism started and should remain an institution that promotes the doctrine of social, political, and other rights of women to be equal to those of their male counterparts.
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