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Today, after almost 6 weeks, I'm finally recovered form burnout syndrome. It all started that thursday afternoon when I felt no energy in my body. I needed to lay dawn and take a rest. Exhaustion came out of nowhere and I hoped resting will help. Next day I was tired and emotionally exahusted again. I felt it again the next day and day after that. I was sleepeing for 16 hours a day. Everything felt incredibly exahusting: picking up a phone or just watching the computer screen. I coudnt eat, food was repulsive. I couldnt socialize, my body was in pshisical pain. Not depressed, but simply without any energy or will. Everyday routine seemed impossible to be done. Every single thing took incredible amount of my energy. Just like that. Out of nowhere. In one single day. It happened again. A year ago I felt similar. I was working in event managment. Job was wonderful, very challenging and creative. I was working too much, barely handling with family resposibilities and I didn't have time to rest. I was not getting enough sleep and taking on too many responsibilities, without enough help from others. But it was also people who made it very stressful. I dont know how you are handling it, but I'm sensitive to other peoples emotions. I usually tend to remain calm, but if somebody is panicking and reacting with hysteria it's other peoples emotions that get sucked under my skin. It's like a chemistry oveflowing my body. Compassion and empathy are surely wonderful things, but they can have a bad side effect. It's a pressure. Burnous is about emotional pressure that leads first from emotional and later to physical exhaustion. It causes hormonal imbalance and on a long run it leads to burnout. Interestingly I remember being calmer in life savi... ... middle of paper ... ...olved. Train your calmness. Observe your self, through your observation you will find a way to manage stress. Through time your calmness will be stronger and stronger. Your thoughts clearer and decisions easier. After all, things dont need to be allways perfect. 6. Be a human. Take a time off. Today. Lay down and breath deeply. Unplug the phone, stay away from a computer. Call a peson that makes you feel good. Socialize. Think of things you loved to do when you were young. Do them again. Nourish your creativity. Have fun. Take a vacation. Take it slow. Let the burden fall off you shoulders, share your emotions. Reevaluate your goals and priorities. Burnout is a clear sign that some things in your life are simply not working. Look at the bright side: burnout is opportunity to rediscover what really makes you happy and to change course accordingly.
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