Burmese Pythons In The Everglades

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There are invaders among us, they are not alien or human, but Burmese Pythons. Arguably one of the most beautiful and unique parts of nature remaining in the United States is rapidly being destroyed by the Burmese Python. It has enormously impacted the Everglades in a negative way. The beautiful indigenous animals have quickly disappeared and new predators surface as we dig deeper into the Everglades. This fierce animal is a constrictor, squeezing the life out of its prey. The Pythons tight grip sucks the life out of its prey and swallows it whole. “It sounded like a joke when news reported Burmese Pythons were invading the Everglades in 2000” states USA Today. Pythons are slithering their way through the Florida Everglades with a big appetite and a similar habitat as their original home in Asia. Now, they have marked their territory permanently and there may be nothing scientists can do in order to prevent this issue.
How are Burmese pythons get here? Many people believe that they were brought from other countries like Southeast Asia and were kept as pets when brought to the U.S. When the pythons became too big for the owner to handle they would release them into the wild. Not only that, but the pythons were also released from animal warehouses in Miami, Florida, when a devastating hurricane hit. Many of the shipments that are sent into Miami with wildlife are sent to such animal warehouses. 12,000 shipments of wildlife are sent to Miami every year. Including in the last four years alone 140,000 wild caught pythons were shipped to these wildlife facilities for studies. After the hurricane hit the warehouse, the pythons slithered their way to the Everglades where a variety of food could be obtained and where hiding places could ...

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... different states participate in this challenge. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation has sponsored these events to educate the public of this scarce problem. This is also a great way to help reduce the large number of slithering beasts in the Everglades. Another company by the name of U.S. Fish and Wildlife service has banned shipments of pythons to the U.S. because of this growing issue. The company estimated that nearly 99,000 snakes were brought over anywhere between 1996-2006. The python challenges gets the public and python permit holders to capture Burmese and allow the person with the most captured to earn a prize. Researchers may have come up with this plan, but its going to take more than that to effect this fast growing population. Scientists have not only become concerned of Pythons wrecking havoc on the Everglades but them spreading to other areas.

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