Bullying and Popularity

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Do the concepts of popularity status and bullying have a mutual similarity in today's society? Bullying is when one uses superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically to force him or her to do what one wants. There are various different kinds of bullying, such as, direct, indirect, physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, verbal and cyberbullying. Popularity is the state or condition of being well-liked, admired or supported by many people. Popularity and bullying are two occurrences that most often appear in the atmosphere of a high school. Multiple studies reveal that those most likely to bully others are those who are higher in social status. It is safe to say that, personally, everybody can agree that one of the biggest obstacles in high school is to obtain acceptance from their peers and to ultimately become a part of the “popular crowd”. Enforcing the previous statement, several reports have documented that bullying typically takes place through chronic harassment against socially excluded teenagers; some emotionally and psychologically dangerous consequences can result from an adolescent being continually bullied by his or her peers if the tormenting does not cease.
Bullies can be the vicious thorns on the rose some would call high school, especially for those who are outcasts in the social class. Those higher up in popularity jump at whatever chance they get to make somebody feel bad about themselves without any realization of the emotional harm they are inflicting. If a particular adolescent maybe dresses different, or is clumsy, quiet, or comes across as inferior in any way, shape or form, they may be a target for bullying victimization. Peter Houghton was sadly an easy bull's eye for ridicule and...

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...hat bullying commonly occurs through continuous abuse against socially inept teens; some internally and subconsciously dangerous aftereffects can settle in a person suffering consistent and nonstop abuse and bullying by his or her peers if the ridicule fails to discontinue. A universal truth is that if a person loves themselves, they do not hurt other people. With that said, maybe the bullies are the troubled ones. Bullying exists in every city, county, state, country and nation. It is a world-known problem that is under renovation of being resolved. Class and popularity not only applies to high schools it applies to the atmosphere of the work place, as well. The bottom line is, that bullying is a serious problem and social issue and bullying and mistreatment is going to persist unless rightful action is taken. One cannot wait for the change; one must be the change.
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