Bullying Research Study

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Studies indicate that bullying is highly prevalent in classrooms today and that bullying has negative consequences on self-esteem, motivation and learning. Administrators understand the seriousness of bullying and agree that prevention programs should be implemented. Studies have been conducted on how to prevent bullying using school-wide inclusion programs but no studies have currently been conducted regarding one teacher’s attempt at providing a safe learning environment using these resources. As well, no current studies have confirmed which separate elements of these approaches can offer an educator success. Design The researcher will study this particular phenomenon by observing and reviewing all of the complexities of child behavior. A mixed methods study will be conducted that combines elements of qualitative and quantitative research that studies one teacher throughout the entire school year. The focus of this study will be on bullying as it occurs in a natural setting. A case study will be used in which implementation of structure and support and the Owleus Prevention Program will be reviewed. The information from this study will provide insights regarding how student’s behavior changes over time during and after the study. This research will seek to explore whether or not one teacher can make a difference and it will decipher which modifications decrease bullying in the classroom. All participants will be exposed to elements of structure, support and the Owleus Prevention program and the effects regarding whether or not bullying decreases will be reviewed. Students who fit certain criteria will be arranged in nominal groups. These clusters will include labels such as bullies, victims or bystanders. Eac... ... middle of paper ... ...e research question is specific to observing one teacher’s ability to prevent or decrease bullying in the classroom. Also, the study will not be conducted on a school-wide level because those studies have been replicated several times prior with the interpretation that these techniques are highly successful on a school-wide basis. The researcher will not use Lickert-scales for any surveys because the data would be too hard to interpret on a Lickert scale. The researcher is seeking to understand if bullying is prevalent and if it can be decreased; the researcher is not looking to know the various levels of bullying or the current levels of classroom concern. The researcher will not review literature on other aspects of bullying prevention because structure, support and the Owleus program have shown prior success and were chosen by the researcher for that reason.
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