Bullying Is A Serious Problem

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An Introduction of the Topic Bullying has been a serious issue in schools throughout the world. Bullying can be considered as, “verbal, physical or psychological aggression repeated over time that is intended to cause harm or distress to the victims who are unable to defend themselves,” (Clarkson, 2016). These actions have short and long term effects for the bully and the victim. This topic has been an ongoing problem for students throughout history, and it continues to get worse with the development of technology. This topic is very important to the entire community because bullying can affect student’s learning, and could possibly lead to death. Readers will see the evolution of bullying, and different programs that were used to prevent bullying. There are also recommendations that can help schools develop a suitable program for their students and teachers. Bullying is a sensitive subject for the community because there continues to be an increase of suicides associated with these harmful actions. Historical Overview Bullying has been a serious problem throughout the world with the first example of bullying in Tom Brown’s Schooldays in England in 1857, (Bloom, 2004). Both the number of incidents and the severity of bullying continue to increase everyday especially now due to technological advancements. Before the Internet was created in the late 1980’s, bullying was a problem. Before the internet, the bullying was limited to physical and verbal abuse at school. However, the development of bullying throughout the ages has changed significantly. It can now be seen most often as verbal abuse or cyber abuse and with the help of social media can take place outside of school as well. This means that the schools’ attempts to prevent ... ... middle of paper ... ... and to develop into the great individuals they are able to be.” (Jones, 2015). Another issue that needs to be addressed in bullying would to have a clear definition of what bullying is. If there is no distinct definition that is taught in the school, bullies will try to talk their way out of getting in trouble. For example, some students do not understand that making a sarcastic remark can be considered bullying. According to Dewey Cornell and Catherine Bradshaw of the University of Virginia (2015), defining bullying is, “essential to building a body of cumulative research and reaching agreement about effective school practices,” (Cornell & Bradshaw, 2015). Both of these solutions will help to prevent bullying in schools. These are clear examples of where administrators and teachers can work together to better their school for the sake of the student’s education.

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