Bullying In Lord Of The Flies By William Goulding

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A bully is someone who verbally or physically picks on others for their own personal reasons. In Lord of the Flies, William Goulding is interested in the topic of bullying as it is a major theme throughout the book. Bullying helps the bully in many different ways and varies depending upon the person. Just like Jack, Ralph, Maurice, and Robert bullies hurt others physically or mentally because they desire authority, power, winning, or violence and from old habits learned from family.
Bullies often have an agenda that leads them to bully. A bully tries to “shame and intimidate their victims and make them feel inadequate” (Rosenthal 16). The reasoning behind this is that children often learn their habits from parents if they use aggressive language or have an aggressive behavior. Often children do not have a mother or father figure to guide them or teach them how to behave properly and this affects them in the long run. More bullies than non-bullies live without two biological parents; some live with extended family or foster families. Many do not receive a lot attention at home causing anger in some children. Some kids live in bad areas and are used to violence around them and use this against other children, leading to guns in school. Bullies often deliberately go out of their way to put others down and usually to make themselves feel better for not getting what they want at home. Sometimes it’s the complete opposite, and children get whatever they want from their parents and they feel that they can make fun of others inferior to them. Just like popular girls or boys that feel it is ok to make fun of students that aren’t popular. Many bullies were once a victim either at home from family, or at school from other classmates. The ...

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...were intimidated by Jack and was scared to leave because Jack threated them not too just like a bully.
A bully is someone who craves power and authority by hurting others verbally or physically like Ralph, Jack, Roger, and Maurice. Ralph was pretentious and believed to get whatever he wanted by becoming chief, and wanted all the attention on him. He did what Piggy did not want him to do which was to call him Piggy. Jack wanted even more power than Ralph and got it by bullying everyone on the island to join him. He physically and verbally hurt Piggy because it gave him authority over him. Roger and Maurice both bullied littleluns and Roger also bullied Sam and Eric physically and killed Piggy. Bullying is a current event that is still going on today that affects so many people no matter what age, it is done to make others feel worse and is increasingly getting worse.
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