Bullying: Have Schools Really Found A Solution?

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Bullying remains a progressively notorious topic due to the unbiased choice of victims and death-related incidents. In particular, schools have become a predominantly natural location for bullies to prey on victims, but schools have finally started to respond to this epidemic issue. Schools have initiated anti-bullying programs to, if not stop bullying as a whole, at least, reduce bullying to a minimum; however, even with anti-bullying programs in effect, the bullying dilemma still continues, which suggest that school programs remain ineffective. Anti- bullying programs implemented by schools may help some students feel less victimized, but they fail to show any significant improvements due to the increasing number of bullying related suicides, the appearance of cyber-bullying, and the numerous instances in which teachers become bullies.
Thankfully, some school programs have weakened physical bullying amongst students. In the Dallas Morning News article by Jeffery Wesis, “School Program Wards Off Bullying By Strengthen Bonds Between Students,” he discusses the positive effects of a new school program called, “R time, ” used by Richardson Elementary in Dallas, Texas. In the article, Wesis says, “Studies in England at schools using R time showed an impressive drop in the percentage of students who said they had been bullied and a significant decrease in the number of students who said they were aware of bullying going on” (Wesis). The study shows that the new school program has successfully challenged the bullying problem in schools that use it. Although school programs can weaken physical bullying, they often unintentionally manifest the bullying epidemic into the cyber world. Another article, “No Blood, No Bruises, No Cries Of P...

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... formulate a program to end bullying when bullying so clearly reaches far beyond the jurisdiction that an educational facility can investigate?

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