Bullying Essay

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Adults bully young people and young people bully adults, doesn’t matter the age, size, or gender. So the main question is, why do people become bullies. Bullies have their reasons for bullying others. Most of the causes have to do with their environment. When an individual bullies others, there is usually an effect left on that person. Victims are the ones who have to deal with the long-term effect of bullying. There is usually a good outcome or a bad outcome when this situation occurs.
When most people become a bully, it’s because of their environment. Their environment can have violence. Growing up around violence can mentally cause the person to be influenced to be mean to others. When children grow up around their parents yelling and calling each other names, the child then becomes aware to that kind of hospitality, then later treat others the way they grew up. Another example, why people become bullies because they may have gotten bullied from someone else, and then became a bully themselves after experiencing that. Bullies sometimes don’t choose just to be mean to others, there is usually a reason why they became that way. According to bullyingstatics”Children who experience academic failure are also more likely to bully others.” Sometimes having power or being the leader of a group can sometimes lead into bullying, because the indivual is use to everyone listening to them, but when one person stops obeying them, then that’s when the bullying comes into the situation. Another reason people may become bullies, because they aren’t having enough attention at home or there lonely and want attention from others. There are many more examples why people become bullies, sometimes it can just happen out ...

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...ver get bullied again. Bullying can make a victim stronger, because the harsh words can make the individual want to strive for better.
There are many effects after bullying that can be a physical or a mental problem for someone. Some people can turn bullying around into a positive situation, which can be learning how to stand up for themselves or just having a voice, knowing when something is wrong and know when it’s the time to speak up, then letting a person walk all over them again. But for the people who have the bad effects after bullying, it can lead into suicide, jail, loneliness, and just everything that can go wrong in someone’s life. There is also a reason why people become a bully. People become a bully because of their environment, lifestyle, or because they got bullied before. Many people go through bullying in their life and some overcome it.
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