Bullying Essay

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Imagine coming home from school everyday and crying for countless hours just because of the hurtful actions and words of one of your peers.This is what a bullied teen experiences. One in four students in the United States are being bullied or have been bullied before. To many teens are being effected by bullying and we as a community need to help these teens and stop this problem.
Bullying is when a person, the bully, tires to embarrass, harm and or threaten another person, the victim. The bully never stops, they simply get worse. The bully is usually stronger and more popular. The bully will usually bully someone who they do not like or someone that they think is strange, they also may bully people who have a disability of some kind. The bully goes after people who are different.
There are three main types of bullying. The three types of bullying are verbal bullying, physical bullying, and social bullying. Verbal bullying is when the bully hurts the other person verbally. They call the victim names and make them feel worse about themselves by using words. Physical bullying is when the bully physically hurt the victim, such as kicking or punching. Lastly, social bullying is when the bully hurts the victim by excluding them from others. There is now also cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when someone is bullies over the internet or any electronics.
The bully usually bullies because he or she is having problems in their personal life, whether it be family problems or financial problems, and bullying is their way of letting their anger out. Sometimes, he bully is depressed themselves which causes them to bully because it helps them feel better about themselves. Although, just because they are having problems, this does not...

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...ople who are bigger and more popular then them. Bullying creates an unsafe environment and an environment that students fear. We fail to stop bullying, we are giving the bully permission to hurt others and not caring enough for the victims who are getting hurt. To prevent teens from being a victim of bullying we can help insure self confidence in a child. We can help them have better social skills, help them speak up for themselves.Make sure that they have friends and family they talk to constantly, make sure they are never alone, and make sure that if they are being bullied they seek help. To prevent someone from being a bully we can show nonviolent behavior and state that violence is not expectable. Seek help from counselors to stop aggressive behavior and stop bullying. There are so many things we can do to prevent bullying, we need to step up and do something.
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