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Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. There is not just one particular type of bullying there is physical bullying, verbal bullying, sexual bullying, cyber bullying, and prejudicial bullying. Although kids do not think bullying is a big deal, it can leave lasting effects on children that can lead to harmful behavior. Some of the lasting effects of bullying are safety, exclusion, isolation, abuse, alienation, loneliness, or a rite of passage (Lawrence 9). There are many different ways that people can be bullied. One of the most popular type of bullying today is Physical bullying. Physical bulling is when a person uses physical actions to gain power and control over another person. Physical bullying usually involves hitting, kicking, tripping, pinching and pushing or damaging property. Some people get bullied in that way by others and sometimes it could get out of hand. Another kind of bullying is Verbal bullying. Verbal bullying is when a person uses words, statements and name calling to gain power and control over another person. Verbal bullying includes name calling, insults, teasing, intimidation, homophobic or racist remarks, or verbal abuse. People who bully others use words to downsize a person and make them feel bad and unwanted to everyone. Covert is another category of bullying. It is often harder to recognize and can be carried out behind the bullied person's back. It is designed to harm someone's social reputation and/or cause humiliation. Cyber bullying is another type of bullying. It is when a teen uses the Internet, a cell phone or other technology to harass, threaten, embarrass or target another person. Bullying is an instrument form of aggression. There are a number of reasons why people have ... ... middle of paper ... ... any adult for help. Such bullying is stated to be an immoral act that allows are person to break someone else down by humiliating them (Caravita 456). Nevertheless, bullying is a way of attacking when not content with themselves. Bullies may experience attacks against them in the home setting and then take their built up aggravation out on other people. In other cases, bullies may have good home lives but feel insecure about themselves and rake their insecurities out on others. Bullying others can lead victim to committing suicide, or homicide. After a person is battered and emotionally drained they become depressed and want revenge. Not in all cases people are going to want revenge sometimes they it just damages the person mentally. Bulling a person can make them less social, depressed and a lot off other things.There are many different kinds of bystanders like

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