Bullying During Adolescence

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People have trouble getting through the day when they are bullied. Like every conflict in the world, someone had to start it, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to peer to peer cruelty. Anyone, individuals, groups, or bystanders are all equally guilty when it comes to bullying. There are different ways this cruelty can be stopped, including direct discipline, or also emotionally connecting with the bully. The people responsible for stopping this type of behavior are adults, but the witnesses who see bullying happen have just as much a right to step in as anyone else. Think about it before you don’t help someone who is bullied. Peer cruelty happens all too often, often with no consequences. Someone always “starts it”, but the continuation of this behavior only encourages and prolongs it, continuously creating more severe cruelty of peers towards one another. Like fire to a match, once someone starts these acts, with the proper response from the other person, it will continue and only grow bigger as the reaction continues. When bullying like this does occur, people tend to focus on who did start it. When in reality, if both people are participating, such as name calling, physical bullying, or teasing, the blame should not fall completely on the person who threw the first punch, called the first name, or flicked the first ear. Both are participating in the cruel actions, and both should have equal blame. In a quote from William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, a boy who is larger than the boy he is talking to reveals the nickname he used to be called in school, “They used to call me Piggy.’ Ralph shrieked with laughter. He jumped up,” (Golding, 12). Ralph, being the boy laughing at Piggy, started making fun of him... ... middle of paper ... ...ople bully others, whether it is in a group or as an individual, need to be talked with and disciplined. Others who have decided to watch are just as equally guilty as the rest of the people involved. Trying to emotionally connect with the bully is a way to prevent peer cruelty, along with discipline for the person. People who are responsible with dealing with these situations are usually adults; however, it is not limited to that. You are responsible if you see peer cruelty, and you can stop it. Works Cited "Girls and Bullying" National Crime Prevention Council. Web. 12 Dec 2013. Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. Perigee Books: New York, 1954. Print. Guenther, John. “Searching For My High School Bully.” TIME, Sept 30 2011. Web. 12 Dec 2013. Maag, Christopher. “When the Bullies Turned Faceless.” New York Times, 16 Dec 2007. Web. 12 Dec 2013.
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