Bullying And The Negative And Positive Effects Of Bullying

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“In 2013, twenty-four percent of female and nineteen percent of male students reported being bullied in school.” (McFarland,2016) Generally, white students that are in sixth to eighth grade are noticeably bullied more than others. There are various social-psychological factors to the cause of bullying and the negative and positive effects of bullying. Therefore, there are psychological reasoning of the effects of the bullies, the victims, and bystanders involved. Bullying can happen at any place or location, whether its verbally through rumors, or online. Also, Bullying can occur at any age, there is no time where bullying essentially stops. “The term bully is an overbearing person who intimidates smaller or weaker people, also expressed as an unwanted aggressive behavior, observed or perceived imbalance; and the repetition of behaviors or high likelihood of repetition.” (Bully, n.d.; Stop Bullying, n.d. a) There are two modes included in bullying which are direct that occurs in the presence of that specific individual being targeted and indirect when rumors are spread about that specific individual. (Stop Bullying, n.d. c) Given that there are personal causes to why a bully acts the way they do. Youths’ environment settings at home can influence how an individual may act at school. When youth grow up in situations where they are mentally and physically abused at home they act out at school. A bully that has difficulty following rules, also may find violence positive, and is seeking power over others that they perceive as weak to make them feel better about themselves. Popularity is not always the case, but some youth have trouble connecting with others and making friends, therefore they express themselves in a negative and viol... ... middle of paper ... ...y were being targeted and ninety percent reported they did not tell an adult about the attack.” (Carpenter & Hubbard, 2014) The likelihood of a student to attempt suicide because of cyberbullying has increased by three point two times. (Carpenter & Hubbard, 2014) Given these points, there has not been an increase of change in bullying. To this day there is no given fact that there is a positive effect on bullying, but only improvements on how to prevent bullying. Bullying will still take place at any time, any form of communication, and to all age groups. The psychological causes of why bullies bully and why they bully others will only help with the steps of prevention of bullying, death and many mental problems at a younger age. It is a shame that kids at younger ages are being bullied and there needs to be more attention put towards those that are being bullied.
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