Bullying And Cyberbullying: The First Of All?

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Chapter #1 Zander bobeldyke What is bullying

Have you ever thought why people bully? Well what is bullying first of all? Bullying is used in many ways. For example, there is Cyber Bullying Verbal Bullying and Physical Bullying. There are also many other types of bullying but these are the main ones. Cyberbullying is when you use a phone or an electronic to hurt/bully someone, typically by sending mean messages or pictures. 42% of the kids in the world have been cyberbullied online, says Caralee Adams owner of the page, “Cyberbullying: what teachers and students can do.” What that means is cyberbullying can be anywhere, and can hurt anyone. Also 58% of the kids in the world don’t tell their parent when they are cyber bullied. Not
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Physical bullying is when the bully pushes or punches the victim. Also it could be stealing, slapping, spitting, tripping, hitting, ect. Many of the bullies target the victim repeatedly. They also get hurt, embarrassed, or intimidated. Physical bullying tends to happen more at middle school. The bully is more likely to be a male. This is because the male bully could be bigger, stronger, and more powerful than the victim. The females usually watch the victim get beat up or they cheer for the bully. The bully bullies because like the other types of bullying they want to impress somebody or fit in. They could also have a bad background to their life, like the other types of bullying. You can tell when a kid is not getting bullied and when one is. Here are some signs of bullying. A victim of a bully could come home from school with bruises and cuts. Also they act sad or depressed and are withdrawing themselves away from others. The victim could also say they feel picked on and are talking about suicide and violence. One of the most common thing they say or do is they are not telling their parents about school and what is going on in their life, and not wanting to go to school / avoiding
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