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Many students experience bullying at school, online, and by text often consider it to be a normal part of their daily life, however, bullying can cause students to suffer emotionally as well as physically.

Bullying is when a person or group of people repeatedly tries to harm someone weaker or someone they think is weaker than them. Anyone can be A bully if they try to hurt, upset, or deliberately make others look or feel foolish. (Bullying, page 8). Bullying usually involves an imbalance of power. In some cases the bully is not always bigger than the victim, but they try to use threats to scare other people and make them afraid. Anyone can be a bully no matter what age or gender. A person can be bullied from pre-school throughout adulthood.

When people hear the word “bully”, they assume it involves someone hitting or pushing someone around. A person can be bullied in different ways. The four most prominent types of bullying are Physical, Indirect, Verbal, and Cyber.

Physical Bullying is when a bully involves physical contact with the victim. Physical bullying involves the use of kicking, hitting, pinching, punching, and etc. Physical bullying can be anything starting from a small shove, to a devastating and fatal punch to the face. However, with that being said, physical bullying does not necessarily mean it has to be touching another individual. The form of bullying can be certain things like cornering another person to a corner, throwing his or her belongings around and etc. Physical bullying is most likely to occur among boys because they are more aggressive and they are more likely to hit or push someone around. This type of bullying is most likely to happen at school although it can happen at other places such as to and fr...

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...chool rules, you basically have the freedom to do as you please. Without rules, kids go crazy. They feel that they can be in control and have power. They have no rules that they must follow, therefore they can get out of trouble with no problem.

When there is poor supervision, a bully isn’t afraid to do anything. Without being watched, a bully can have all the power they want. If there is no one to watch over the kids, they will do whatever and get away with it. Poor supervision gives a bully the power they want because they feel that they are in control and unstoppable. If there isn’t anyone to stop the madness, the bullying will continue without a problem.

Lastly, bullies want to be known. A bully wants other people to notice them. They want to show off and feel bigger and better than other people. They want to have control over other people and to be feared.
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