Bully Essay: The Impact Of Bullying

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You know what bullying is, but have have you ever thought about what bullying can do? In this chapter you will learn how bullying can have an impact on others, how it can be a risk a life and what impact does it have on the bully.

Impact of bullying

The impact of bullying on an indivdual can be terrifying. One of the impacts can be a wide range of emotions that one goes through while being bullied. According to, ¨¨ it states that when you are bullied, you have a lot of emotions. Some of these emotions are depression, anger and hopelessness. Both depression and anger can impact your daily life. As mentioned in the same article,
¨,¨ the author talks about how depression can affect many things in life.
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As mentioned in the article, ¨,¨ it states that when you are being bullied you start to feel left out. It also states that those being bullied often do not want to do anything or be with anybody. This is significant because, with all the emotions and actions, there comes a time when they may feel like they just don't want to do anything anymore. They wouldn’t want to go to practice or after school classes, or even hang out with friends. Bullying can also make one feel left out. According to the same article, the author says, that loneliness can lead to terrible things, like suicide, losing all of your friends and losing your interest of doing everyday activities. As you can see, there are many impacts of bullying. If you or someone you know may be going through these impacts, you might want to tell someone about what's going on and maybe they can help you. You may find that others are going through the same thing and you are not alone.

Risk of
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In the article, ¨,¨ the author states that many bullies just drop out of school. They think that they don´t need to go to school and that they think it´s for nerds, so they just drop out. This revealing statement highlights that when they would would come to a real life problem, then they wouldn´t know what to do cause, they droped out of school. Based on the same article, ¨,¨ it states that many bullies vandliz school property. If they were to get caught then they could be suspended or even expelled. One point made in the article, ¨,¨ it says that many bullies have difficult following rules. They also have problems paying attention in class, which can also lead them into getting bad grades. A bully just does not get in trouble at school. They could also get in truoble outside of school. One point made int the article, ¨,¨ the author says that they could get into fights and be seriously injured. In the article, it also mentions that bullies could have crimal convictions. This is sginificant because, they could get in serious troble with the poilce and maybe end up in jail. As mentioned in the same article, ¨,¨ it says that bullies can get into abuse of alchol and drugs. Even though they are still to young for that, they still do
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