Bullfighting Related to The Behavior of Characters

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When reading a piece of literature, a reader often finds many symbolic objects or events scattered throughout the text. Some of these symbolic objects or events may be quite obvious to distinguish, while others may be tucked deep within the text. Whether the symbolism of the object is perceptible or not to the reader, the author places these objects in the story to elevate the power of the text. In Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, there are a plethora of symbolic objects and events that hold a deeper meaning that what appears on the surface. The dynamic symbolism that these objects or events hold plays a major part in getting across the message of the novel, ultimately exposing the novels deeper meaning. One important symbol in The Sun Also Rises is the event of bullfighting. Hemingway develops the dynamic symbolism behind the bullfights by using them as a representation of each character and how the characters behavior relates to the actions of each member of a bullfight. In The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway amplifies the role of the bullfighter to enormous importance. The bullfighter is a man who faces death on a regular basis and his worth stems from his ability to face that death with a certain dignity and ease. The best bullfighter is the one who can let the bull barely brush past while dodging it or applying a killing blow. This attitude extends past bullfighting and into regular life. Characters who act with a certain type of dignity in the face of oncoming pressure are able to find success, while other characters that fight with their confidence become outcasts. By incorporating a connection between the dynamics of bullfighting and the behavior of certain characters, Hemingway was able to make a valid argument that in... ... middle of paper ... ...rett’s good looks distract Robert from realizing Brett doesn’t reciprocate his deep feelings of love. Even through she cares not to admit it, she is mad about only one man, Jake. Ernest Hemingway through The Sun Also Rises has created a great work of literature by connecting a plethora of diverse characters and linking them all to one common event, a bullfight. Through the lives of Jake, Lady Brett Ashley, and Robert, Ernest Hemingway creates a elevated power for his novel. Comparing his characters to members of a bullfight, allows his readers to being pondering about their own actions in life and how similar they might be to one of the members of a bullfight. As a somewhat peaceful person, who is usually the glue that keeps my friends together, I would view myself as a steer. Like Jake I don’t wear my emotions on my sleeve but rather keep them hidden deep within.

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