Bull Riding Brilliance

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Many people learn many different life lessons throughout their lives. Whether it’s from reading a book, watching a movie, or living the experience yourself. Many life lessons can be taught to people through several different things. These include, but are not limited to, hard-work, getting a job, playing sports with a team or by yourself, and achieving your goals. I have learned many life lessons through many different things. Three of these life lessons are never give up, it’s not over ‘til it’s over, and that there are two types of pain, physical and regret, and only one fades with time. It all began in Lander, Wyoming at the start of the 2013 WJRA (Wyoming Junior Rodeo Association) Winter Series Season. I was a returning champion to the Winter Series and I planned on bringing in a third championship, my second coming from the Summer Series rodeos. There were four rodeos all together, two in Lander and the final two in Laramie. At the first rodeo, I breezed by the competition. I had this one in the bag. There was just one problem. As I was riding, I obtained an enormous blister on my right hand, my riding hand. I could hardly make a fist, let alone squeeze a bull rope. So on the second day, my father and I put gauze all over my hand to cushion it and keep the blister from re-opening. Our efforts failed in more ways than one. As I climbed down onto my bull, and started to get ready, my hand screamed in agony. But I fought through it long enough to get ready and call for my bull. I was doing everything I could to stay on, but my efforts were unsuccessful. All of a sudden my rope slipped through my barely clenched fist and off I went. I was slammed directly into the dirt right under the bull. His hooves came down and landed on the ... ... middle of paper ... ...tely opposite decisions, they are the same in one way, and that is that they all have the same quote burned into their minds for the rest of their lives. There are two types of pain, physical and regret, and only one fades with time. These are just three types of life lessons that can found and discovered through sports. These life lessons can also be found through everyday life. The first lesson that I learned was to never give up. I learned this because if I had given up, I would not be a state champion. Another lesson that I learned was to look at life with the idea of “it’s not over ‘til it’s over”. I learned this, and I’m sure the other kids did to, for they had begun to count me out, but I came back. A third lesson that I learned was about the two types of pains. There are clearly many types of life lessons that can be learned through many different activities.

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