Building international relationships for a better economy

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Saxenian, AnnaLee. 1999. Silicon Valley’s New Immigrant Entrepreneurs. San Francisco: Public Policy Institute of California. Saxenian’s main claim is contributions made by immigrants have altered the relationship between trade, investment, and economic development for the better. Her grounds for this are how immigrant entrepreneurs have generated new jobs in the United States, increased wealth for the state, and built connections to their place of origin. She “relies on three primary sources: (1) Data on immigrants’ education, occupations, and earnings . . .; (2) the analysis of immigrant entrepreneurship is based on a customized Dun & Bradstreet database of 11,443 high-technology firms . . .; and (3) the balance of the findings reported in the study are based on more than 100 in-depth interviews with engineers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other key actors in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco” (Saxenian). By using data and first hand interviews, Saxenian is better able to show the affects immigrant entrepreneurs have on trade and economic development by looking at their education and revenue. She warrants that many people within the United States constitute the low labor cost as the only relevant contribution. Furthermore, those, from where the immigrants migrated, see emigration to the United States as a “’brain drain,’ which deprives their economies of their best and brightest” (Saxenian). Saxenian’s hope, along with mine, is to navigate thinkers like these to see the benefits of immigration. “AnnaLee Saxenian is a professor of regional development in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley. She is internationally recognized for her research on technology regions ... ... middle of paper ... ...e in this area of expertise. The potential value in relation to my argument is Mexico’s reliance on America leading to this need for a stronger relationship between the two countries. Mexico’s economy has increased some due to the industries benefitting from NAFTA; however, there are many problems that still need to be addressed. The relationships established between these two countries will help each prosper in the end. Forming an ally, breaking down borders, and building a larger community between the two. By putting this source into conversation with Gutiérrerz’s argument of expanding borders by making connections with diaspora members, this sense of community seems fathomable. However, hostility does occur between the members of each nation, which is demonstrated in Navarrette’s personal statement, challenging the relationships between Mexicans and Americans.
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