Building a Recreation Center Outline

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Crux Argument I think our town needs to support the building of a recreation center rather than a detention center to reduce gang violence. The opportunity to save the troubled youth should not be forgone merely because we chose a facility over another one. Developing a Detention center will add to the problem of gang violence here in this town. Our youth will benefit more from a recreation center where they have the chance to use their energy in a positive way. The recreation center will create a socially stable environment to grow in. And it is reasonable to argue that a recreation center is a much friendlier place than a detention center. Opening This may sound a bit cliché but my intentions mean well. I have seen this mistake made too many times for me to let it happen once more. I have faith that raising the issue our town has today will lead to a solution tomorrow. Growing up, I cam from the type of family that moved literally every six months. This exposed me to the variation of our troubled youth that I talk about today, Neighborhood after neighborhood, I saw many die, Neighborhood after neighborhood I saw kids divided in the streets with out a real reason, neighborhood after neighborhood I was confused by the need to stand for a color either red or blue. Either the cribs or the bloods, it was gang violence, which dictated the life of our youth, eating away their innocence, eating away our youth’s good. I have seen this all play out too often for me to let it happen again. I refuse to believe that there is no alternative to the detention centers that do nothing but reinforce gang violence generation after generation. I refuse to have my children grow up in this violent environment; I refuse to let you all to make t... ... middle of paper ... ...home, an environment that promotes wellbeing not only for themselves but also for the community as a whole. The youth will recognize our effort to get them involved with a recreation center that includes, sports, hobbies, tutors, mentors, and fun activities that will make them come back. Secondary benefits include a piece of mind for all of us, and a more united tight community, what else do we need? Prolepsis I know you may still be reluctant to agree that a recreation center is the solution. So let me just tell you this. You are probably thinking no! “You do the crime, you pay the time” But these criminals happened to be kids! They deserve a second chance, they deserve an alternative to the streets and the recreation does not do any of that. On the contrary, it pisses kids off, you lump troubled kids with other trouble kids, boy! It’s a never-ending cycle.
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