Building Fashion Brands in Shanghai

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Conclusion Although numerous previous researches covered the challenges of building fashion brands, this research aimed to find out much deeper information to present challenges of building fashion brands in Shanghai, a modern city of China. This research was a explore research. The key data were from primary research. Both quantitative approach and qualitative approach were adopted. The entire participants were selected through a convenient sample for the reason that it is easy to access to the respondents. Thus, it is a time-saving way of sampling. In the quantitative research, 171 questionnaires were collected and 138 of them were valid questionnaires. 77 questionnaires were filled by 18-24 female respondents and 61 questionnaires were answered by female respondents who were from 25 to 35 years old. In addition, 91.3% of total sample were interested in fashion brands, whereas the rest 8.70% of customers did not take a pleasure in fashion brands. Through reflection of fashion fans, there are several key numeric data: 1) from the view of female consumers in Shanghai, the most factor contributed to building fashion brands was product quality 2) the central facets which were taken into account were quality (48.55%) and brand (26.09%), 3) 67.93% participants preferred shopping fashion brands online because of convenient, 24.64% participants refused it due to unreliable products’ information, 4) the most prevalent promotion form is discount which was supported by 59.42% of participants in Shanghai, 5) 98.55% respondents read fashion news in their daily life, and internet (86.96%), magazine (83.33%) and TV (71.74%) were three dominant medias they used in Shanghai. Furthermore, there were significant relationship between con... ... middle of paper ... ...h on it. Second, due to the limitation of sample, the results may be biased as well. Third, there were only one interesting finding that although 25-35 female consumers indicated that shopping fashion brands online were reliable, and held negative attitudes towards it, they were still pleased to have a try due to the convenience. This research should find out more attractive results like the two mentioned above. In the further research, it should combine quantitative approach and qualitative approach perfectly to explore the new area of the fashion brands, not only focus on the challenges of building fashion brands, but also other creative ideas of fashion brands. Since fashion brands become a popular issue for most people, not only for female consumers either. The further research could research on both female and male customers’ perception of fashion brands.

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