Building Brand Equity

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Analysis & Finding

In his CBBE framework, Keller identified 6 key elements needed to build brand equity; Brand Salience, Brand Imagery, Brand Performance, Consumer Feelings & Judgements and Brand Resonance (appendix 7). From the conducted research this report will ascertain the degree to which HTC satisfies each level of Keller’s model.

Brand Identity

According to Keller the first step in ‘building a strong brand’ involves creating ‘brand identity’ (Keller, 2001).

“Achieving the right brand identity involves creating brand salience. Brand salience relates to customer awareness of the brand. Brand awareness refers to customers’ ability to recall and recognise a brand” (Keller, 2001, p.8)

The first two questions asked respondents their age and gender. These questions would give an indication of the type of market segment analysed. The results showed that 58% of those questioned were male and that the average age of these was 25years. These results may show prejudice towards those in their mid 20’s due to the selective approach taken when doing the questionnaires. It could however be argued that this is the primary target demographic for the personal computer market.

When measuring ‘brand salience’ we have directed the first question at brand recollection of personal computer brands. The most respondents, 21%, answered Apple Macbook, in the second place there was Sony Vaio with 20%, in the third place there was HP with 17%; followed by Lenovo with 16%.

These questions were aimed at measuring the ‘depth of the brand’, i.e. how easily recognisable and recallable the brand is. Another area equally important for ‘brand salience’ is ‘breadth’ of the brand. This refers to a range of purchase and consumption situations ...

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