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I have been assigned to do research on Tanzania in order to decide whether or not it would be a good idea to build a manufacturing plant there. I do not recommend building a factory there. I will explain the social, political, and economic situations as to why it is a bad idea to build a factory in Tanzania. The first issues that I will be discussing are the social issues. One issue is population because it is lowering. Currently the population is at 51,045,882. However, the reason it is lowering is because of the AIDS virus spreading and lowering the the lifespans of all the people. (The World Factbook). This is bad for our company because the lower lifespan people have the more employees we lose and the less we have the less people there will be to run the factory. Tanzania net migration is -0.54/1000 migrants. The reason is the there are 3.56/1000 coming to the country and their are -9.26/1000 leaving the country. This can cause problems with labor with the more the people that are leaving the labor reduction increases. (The World Factbook). This is bad for our company because their are more people leaving the country then their are coming in. This is also bad because the less people their are the less there will be to hire for our company. Another social issue with this country is child labor. Children start working at the age of five and start working in mines. The government is against child labor but does very little to enforce it. Many kids are exposed to mercury poisoning and are suffering many health workers lack the training and facilities to diagnose or treat them. Many of the kids manage to die. (Human Rights Watch). Kids are the future and would be the future of our company so th... ... middle of paper ... a concern in East Africa more specifically Tanzania. Terrorist incidents in the country’s past highlight the ongoing threat and the ability for them to carry out their attacks. Recent attacks have occurred in the years of 2013 and 2014. Tanzania witnessed small blasts in Arusha, Mwanza, and Stone Town, Zanzibar. (OSAC Bureau of Diplomatic Security). The horror in this is that the people are urged to be on their guard at all times. The fear would be a concern people. The chance that our employees and manufacturing plant could get caught in the crossfire. In other words it would be a bad idea to build a manufacturing plant in Tanzania because of disease that spreads and how it shortens the lifespans of people . The other factors are child labor, a poor medical system, crime, and terrorism. Its only redeeming quality is low GDP per capita of $3,000.
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