Budhism and The Seven Chakras

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Thesis Statement: For eons, humanity has tried to unlock a pathway into a state of elevated existence. People have never been able to experience the afterlife without dying, and it has been wondered if there is anything on this earth that can connect us with the creator of this multiverse. Through thousands of years, and countless ancient tribal practices, there has been hidden from the majority of those who populate the Earth, a key which unlocks an experience like none other; literally transcending the confines of the human psyche as it is in our physical bodies. This door to another dimension is a substance known by scientific communities as Dimethyltryptamine, or simply, DMT. I- What is DMT? A. Dimethyltryptamine (2-(1H-indol-3-yl)-N,N-dimethylethanamine) B. A Tryptamine molecule that has psychedelic properties. C. Exists in living beings as a communication device between the dimensions II-How is it used? A. Smoking, injecting, insufflating, and brewing into teas (ayahuasca). III-What Kind of effects does it produce? A. Extremely intense visuals. a. Rapidly changing geometric patterns (fractals). b. “Seeing” with the Mind and not the eyes. B. Feelings of warmth and happiness. C. Experiencing IV-How does it connect to the world around us (experiences)? A. Religion a. Hinduism and Buddhism through the Chakras and meditation. 1. (The Seven Chakras and what they mean or how they relate to DMT.) V-Self Experience? A. Yes, and to write an experience report with great detail. What better way to research something than to experience something for yourself? a. Have to research it first to make sure it’s safe. VI- Conclusion Part I For eons, humanity has tried to... ... middle of paper ... ...e lifeblood of existence, and the key to unlocking the knowledge to the reason we are even alive in this world. Dimethyltryptamine truly is something to behold. Works Cited . N.p.. Web. 7 Jan 2014. . Wikipedia.com, Various. Wikimedia Foundation, 2007. 0. . "Chakras and Asana Practice." Chakras and Asana Practice. 3. San Fransisco: 2014. . Various, Initials, ed. N.p.. Web. 7 Jan 2014. . Barclay, J.. N.p.. Web. 20 Nov 2013. . Erowid, Various, ed. N.p.. Web. 7 Jan 2014. .

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