Buddhism: History and Beliefs.

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The practices and beliefs of Buddhism have evolved much since it was founded by Gautama Siddhartha, an Ex prince of India who had left home in search of answers. Buddhism originated in India, the religion begun around 500 BCE. Buddhism is the teachings of the Buddha, who believed in more of a moral code rather than religion. Buddhism goes by the law of Karma, meaning one person’s deeds stack up depending on the moral ground the person is standing upon.
The Buddha, Gautama Siddhartha, was unsatisfied with his surroundings and wished to find the answers of existence. Siddhartha wandered for six years and during that time, had gained enlightenment. However Gautama did not want to or desire to share the teachings and wisdom he had gained over the 6 year journey but was convinced by someone called the Brahman Sahamatpati. The Buddha known by his real name as Gautama Siddhartha, spread and preached teachings and wisdom throughout multiple towns in India. The thing Gautama taught was what was explained as “the Four Noble Truths”. The Four Noble truths are based around the suffering of man, following closely with The Eightfold path. These Four Noble truths are as follow, 1. Truth of suffering. 2. Truth of the cause of suffering. 3. Truth of cessation of suffering. 4. Truth of the path, which is the Eightfold path also the final noble truth. What do these truths mean exactly? Well the truth of suffering is the idea that all types of sufferings Physical and Mental are in our daily life constantly. The second truth, the truth of the cause of suffering is the idea that craving something is what causes suffering like craving material objects, pleasant experiences and eternal lives, the main cause of craving is ignorance, mainly the ignorance ...

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...ached enlightenment and be free from the Wheel of Life, Death and Rebirth, known as Samsara.

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