Buddha's Awakened By Siddhartha Bachata

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Born in the Dominican Republic with the humblest of beginnings, Bachata, was a genre of music and dance that was originally unpopular, unappreciated and often deemed as vulgar and low class. Equipped with heart, hope and an indomitable spirit to be heard, Bachata persevered through the early ridicule and resistance from the more popular and prosperous styles of music such as Salsa and Merengue. Bachateros, or the male dancer or singer, continued to captivate small audiences through underground performances, celebrations, cassette recordings and the rare airtime that were reluctantly offered by local radio stations. Bachata would eventually evolve – breaking through to reach the popularity of mainstream media and becoming deeply embedded into the bodies, blood, breath and bones of dancers, artists and audiences all across the globe.

Bachateros became the bridge to cultivating both cultural and creative consciousness just as Buddha served to be the model for meditation and enlightenment. Siddhartha Guatama, known today as Buddha, meaning, “Awakened One,” was born into his role as a prince in India. After renouncing material wealth and possessions at age 29, Buddha left his palace to seek truth. It was during this journey that Buddha famously attained enlightenment by meditating under a Bodhi
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Breathe. Baila Bachata. Bowing is a gesture of humility, respect, understanding and unconditional acceptance. Breathe – your breathing, your very breath, is a bond with the pulse of our planet. Your breath is the bridge to all forms of life as it harmonizes with the heart of Heaven and the energy of Earth. Baila Bachata – to dance Bachata – is to engage, explore and examine the extraordinary expressions of everyday life. Sing, celebrate and savor the strength and sincerity of our stars, sands and seas. Every moment is a dance when you awaken to artistic abundance and ascension – your very existence is a

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