Buckley Community Action Plan

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The United States Air Force has a long and rich history; the branch was established on July 26, 1947. Since then, the Air Force community has been growing and changing as it has adapted to the times. As of now there are more than 320,000 active duty military, and thousands more reserve personnel (Air Force Personnel Demographics, n.d.). With numbers that high it would be difficult for any organization to take care of every aspect of their community perfectly. However, The Air Force is not under the same circumstances as a regular organization. The military has to deal with other aspects of life that are extremely unique. One of the most difficult situations that the military community has to deal with is active conflicts. There are very few careers in the world that can demand so much from its community. The military can require an individual to leave their family for most of a year, work under conditions that most cannot fathom, and put their life on the line every second of the day. Undergoing situations like this will effect each individual different depending on how the process everything that happens to them. The Air Force has been a part of more than ten conflicts since it became a separate force. With each conflict part of the community stationed in all different parts of the world that the Air Force has promised to care for has become tattered and worn. Buckley is one of those locations that people have been deploying from since 1960. Originally the area was purchased by Denver and donated to the Department of the Army (History / Buckley Visitors / Home, n.d.). Buckley became the Buckley Air National Guard base and then was turned into an active duty base in 2000; since then there continues to be... ... middle of paper ... ...ce Personnel Center. Retrieved November 17, 2013, from PTSD in the Air Force. (n.d.). PTSD Treatment Help. Retrieved November 17, 2013, from Robson, S. (2012, May 15). Soldiers fail to seek PTSD treatment or drop out of therapy early. Stars and Stripes. Retrieved November 17, 2013, from What is PTSD. (n.d.). U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Retrieved November 17, 2013, from History / Buckley Visitors / Home. (n.d.). Visit Aurora Colorado. Retrieved November 17, 2013, from

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the united states air force has a long and rich history. the military has to deal with other aspects of life that are extremely unique.
  • Opines that buckley must be able to convince its members to come forward, get treatment, and stick with it.
  • Opines that to create a more cohesive community at buckley, the members affected by ptsd must be treated. the military is forced to do the same mission with less people and resources.
  • Opines that buckley should spread the word about ptsd and encourage community members to seek help.
  • Opines that buckley must take the responsibility of protecting its community members, and defending those that have saved so many others.
  • Explains that the buckley action plan to improve the treatment for ptsd will include several key players: the base commander, the family readiness center, and the medical group.
  • Cites the air force personnel demographics and ptsd treatment help for soldiers who fail to seek treatment or drop out of therapy early.
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