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661 words

The Bubonic Plague or "Black Death" began in China but soon after spread to Europe during the 1330's. This was a very terrifying time for the Europeans mostly because they did not understand what was causing them to become sick. The plague caused many odd things to happen to the citizens infected, for example, it caused the groin area and the armpits to swell in both men and women.The body would then become covered in black spots on the arms, thighs, and other various parts of the body; this later would result into death. The thing about this disease that made everyone so fearful of being contaminated is the fact that there was no cure for the people affected by the Black Death, so they just withered away as the Plague took over their entire body (Document: 2). …show more content…

The physicians also wore specific mask that were bird like and contained spices and a vinegar soaked cloth; this allowed them to mask the stench of the bodies as they were decaying (Document: 6). Many began to wonder what is causing this to happen to them. Since this came out of the blue many thought that it may have been a punishment by God himself. As many come to this realization; they began look down upon the Jews. Many started to torture the Jew's trying to kill what is causing everyone to get sick. Many thought that their money protected them from being sick; for instance, they felt maybe if they were poor they would've gotten infected just like everyone else (Document:

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the bubonic plague or "black death" began in china but spread to europe during the 1330's. the plague caused the groin area and armpits to swell in both men and women.
  • Explains that the physicians were afraid of getting infected with the disease. they wore bird-like masks to mask the stench of decaying bodies. many began to torture the jews trying to kill what is causing everyone to get sick.
  • Explains that giovanni sercambi illustrated a picture of the "angels of death" representing the plague. the arrows represented the odor that it had when people were infected by it.
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