Bubonic Plague

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Evans High School populace experiences the spread of the deadly bubonic plague
The questions arose as to where the Black Plague spread from? Do we call this the end of Maynard Evans High? Taken to professional laboratories, all the staff took tests to reveal if they were already diagnosed with the plague after the case was revealed that the janitors had been diagnosed with this. A diagnosis of bubonic plague is often confirmed by looking at a sample of blood under a microscope for evidence of plague bacteria. Investigators, at first, did not know how until it was revealed that the janitors came directly from a trip to Beijing, China, a place already a Black Plague infested territory.
Origin of the Spread
Researchers and forensics have under covered the many possible reasons as how almost a third of the school had gotten infected by such a small group of custodians. It all started with twelve Asian janitors that had worked at Maynard Evans for more than four years and had decided to travel to the Asian continent for approximately five days as a group. Little had they known that Beijing was at a deadly state itself. Not knowing of such an epidemic, these custodian friends come back to work at Maynard Evans High the 1st of October. Cleaning desks, wiping floors, desks, and rooms while spreading their vital disease from wall to wall, these janitors had infected Evans unknowingly. It wasn’t long until the staff of this high school noticed the janitors to have a weird semblance of a sick, ill being. A swelling bubo had grown on each of their necks and all twelve was experiencing malaise, a generalized feeling of discomfort, illness, or lack of well-being. Fatigue (feeling tired) occurs with malaise in many diseases. Along with malaise,...

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...that oozed blood and pus before suffering fevers, chills, vomiting and severe aches and pains that often heralded their imminent deaths. Will Slander, an investigator, said his findings call into question the theory that bubonic plague—caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis—was responsible for decimating Evans High. Other researchers, including James Went of Penn State University, have expressed similar doubts, pointing out that the pandemic’s hallmark symptoms occur in many other diseases that spread quickly among human carriers. Approximately 850 people dying within one and a half month frightens not only Pine Hills or Florida, but the whole nation. President Barack Obama approved a plan to keep America safe from the disease, yet it is not fully commendable. On Sunday, November 10th there has been a funeral ceremony for all that have died by this crucial plague.

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