Brutus and Greed in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

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Brutus, the co-leader of the assassination of Julius Caesar, was incredibly envious and jealous due to Ceasar becoming the almighty power of the Roman Empire. Even though Ceasar was kind and considerate to give some of his power to Brutus, ironically, it wasn’t enough. Proving the greed and power to be too much led to Brutus taking advantage of their friendship. Envious of Caesar becoming dictator for life, Brutus devised a devious plan to overthrow and murder his best friend. Ultimately the killing of Caesar proves how power, greed, and envy can manipulate their way and change a good men to evil men.
Brutus was not born into power. His father was a roman politician who was murdered by Gnaeus Pompey when Brutus was only seven. Not having his father to raise him, Brutus was educated and adopted by his mother’s half brother Marcus Porcius Cato. However, some believe that Julius Caesar was his real father since he had an affair with Brutus’ mom around that time, but this was never proven. Some would argue that is also the reason Caesar was more lenient and kind to Brutus. Even after the war against Pompey when Brutus sided with Pompey, who murdered his father, and sided against Caesar who showed him unconditional kindness; by giving him more power.
Brutus was envious of Caesar and the power he attained. Being one of the last defenders of the Roman Republic, he was completely against Caesar becoming dictator. In this hunger for power Brutus knew there was a way to take Julius down. There were two generals that were becoming powerful in Rome, Pompey and Caesar. Brutus knew war was inevitable. Pompey had control over Rome and Hispania, while Caesar who had just conquered Gaul and had been gaining power and controlled a large ...

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...punished by Antony and Octavian.
The hunger for power, envious thoughts of what Caesar could do, and greediness are all traits of an evil man. Brutus carried all of these traits and was truly an monsterosity. Brutus was a dangerous man, not because he had power, but in the sense that he wasa willing to do anything to attain power; even if that meant killing those closest to him. Proving true he plotted and murdered his best friend, Julius Caesar, so he could bend Rome to his will. In the end his arrogance and lust backfired resulting failure. Not only did he murder his best friend but later killed himself. Caesar had the power that Brutus needed so he was eliminated, but those same reasons he murdered Caesar were the same reasons he could not carry out his plan. Brutus was never able to take control of Rome and ultimately dying shortly after his best friend.
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