Brutus, Cyrano, and Corazon Aquino Values

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Every person has values based on what they think is important in life. Values dress a person from the beliefs of their ancestors to civilized ideas. Although values and morals are closely connected, they are defined by some few, narrow characteristics that define a person's behavior. Morals come from systems of outside influence such as religion and politics, while values stay close to the guidelines of a person's own standards from within. Unlike customs or ideas of society, values are the choice of an individual arising from the way they were brought up. Brutus, Cyrano, and Corazon Aquino each developed values from their own different experiences and needs to give merit to the many situations they encountered. Being a devoted Roman republican, Brutus only believed in killing Caesar if it benefited Rome. He would risk everything for Rome, whether it meant his friends, family, and even his life. Despite the intentions of the other senators, Brutus said, "The only way is to kill Caesar. I have no personal reason to strike at him [but it is for] only the best interest of t...

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