Bruno Nettl's A Place of All Musics?

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In Bruno Nettl's article A Place for All Musics? Confrontation and Mediation he talked about how the “School of Music” and “Departments of Music” are so far from the reality of accepting all music. These schools typically only study Western European art music and Nettl through this article is pointing out the major flaws with this system as a distant observer. He wrote, “Even the various sorts of Western art music may not be included on equal terms. Actually, there are some ways in which the music school functions almost as an institution for the suppression of certain musics. Its library may avoid the purchase of popular music, and in decades past some music deans forbade students to play popular music or jazz in their spare time. . .” Nettle continued to discuss how music schools understandably are out to decontaminate music students of wasteful music such as popular music. He said, “In its judgment of the interrelationships of musics in its community, the music school is very much concerned with the concept of pollution.” Even though Nettle pointed out these issues within the musi...

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