Bruce's Hardware Case Study

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Executive Summary This report is about the identification of existing problems in Bruce’s Hardware and providing solution for the problems with the help of enterprise system, supply chain management system and by giving alternatives to those particular problems. Companies are using information system applications to integrate their business processes with the functions of businesses and are gaining advantages such as automation of business processes, lower cost, quick and better decision making, reduce inefficiencies, better quality, employees and customers satisfaction and better relationships with the suppliers and the Bruce’s Hardware can also extract benefits from these systems. Successful implementation of an enterprise system requires top management support, control and communication, change management and financial resource management. The proper planning, project management, top management support, people involvement and proper training of employees are key success factors of successful implementation of information system. Introduction The purpose of this report is to analyse information system and needs of the customers, employees and suppliers of the Bruce’s Hardware. Bruce’s hardware is a chain of wholesale hardware stores in Australia. There are 250 Bruce’s Hardware stores in all over Australia and head office is situated in Mackay, Queensland. All stores has a manager who controls the store’s daily operations, including hiring of staff. Bruce’s hardware is supplying three types of products: building supplies, plumbing supplies and garden supplies. There is a General Manager at the head office for each of these departments and each store manager reports directly to the three general managers at head office. All stor... ... middle of paper ... ...erprise resource planning systems and organizational change: Transforming work organization?’, Strategic Change, vol.11, iss.5, pp 263-271 Laudon, KC & Laudon, JP 2006, Management Information Systems Managing the Digital Firm, 10th edn, Pearson, America. SAP 2000, ‘SAP ERP Customer References’, Bentoel Group Integrating Processes for More Effective Decision Making, viewed 4 May 2009, Supply-chain Council 1996-2009, ‘Supply-Chain Council's SCOR Convergence Seminar, Supply-Chain Operations Reference-Model, viewed at 2 May 2009, Yusuf, Y, Gunasekaran, A & Abthorpe, MS 2004, ‘Enterprise information system project implementation:: A case study of ERP in Rolls-Royce’, International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 87, iss.3, pp 233-241 (online ScienceDirect).

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