Bruce Tuckman's Theory Of Team Dynamics

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This essay will deal with Tuckman’s theory model of group development and the insights which help to understand team dynamics. In the present time, individual behaviour and tasks have a major effect in a team reaching the highest point in terms of their performance.

Team dynamics are invisible forces which forms team member’s behaviour, perspective and way of contribution to task, therefore making it either a positive or negative outcome.

Bruce Tuckman’s (1965) stages of group development states that in order for a team to reach high performance they must go through all the four stages forming, storming, norming and performing. Later on, Tuckman with the help of Jensen re-edited his theory which he then added a fifth stage adjourning.
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Team members in each stage of the development will be constantly interacting therefore creating a strong relationship with one another. The personalities and the environment in which the team works in will affect the growth of the relationship and the time it takes to overcome each stage of group development. Task orientation is another approach which can be taken in the stages and it focuses on completing task efficiently rather than being concerned on the developing of the interpersonal relationships of team members. (Tuckman, 1965)

From the two factors it is predicted that a task orientated approach is more effective for a team to reach high performance than an interpersonal relationship approach in some situation, however a relationship orientated approach will also work in other scenarios. (Breckler et al., 2006)

In conclusion, Tuckman’s phase of team development model and the main factors is part of team dynamics because it is how a team is going to operate which influences on each individuals behaviour and performance. The way team member’s act will always be changing time to time but by having a balance of task orientation and interpersonal relationship approach can be effective in the long-run as teams will find it easier to go up the ladder on the different