Bruce Lee: The Father Of Mixed Martial Arts

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The father of Mixed Martial Arts and the son of an opera star Bruce Lee will be considered the most influential fighter of all time. As a kid Lee would be known for his movie appearances like “The Golden Gate Girl” and “The Kid”. By the time he was 18 he would have starred in 20 movies. As a kid Lee would fight other kids to test himself. Also he would move on to accomplish nearly impossible feats such as the “one inch punch”. Childhood Bruce Lee was born on 27 November 1940, at the Chinese Hospital. The hospital was in Chinatown, San Francisco and according to the birth he was born in the hour and year of the dragon. Which is an important sign of strength power and passion. As a kid Lee would star in numerous films due to his fathers background of opera he would appear in 20 films by the time he was 18. Those films would include "The Birth of Mankind" and "My Son Ah Chuen"As a kid Lee would struggle with his grades and be sent off to numerous schools in his area. He would also get into numerous street fights with gang members to test himself. Some of his fights were so bad the ...

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