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Frozen yogurt, a popular fad in today’s society, is a treat that is craved by most women. Because of the popularity of frozen yogurt, and how these businesses seem to be booming all over the country, we wanted to create a place similar to that of your typical yogurt shop, but with a different type of clientele. The Brogurt Bar will be an environment that will specifically accommodate men who want to escape the pressures of work, school and home; however this will not stop women from wanting to come and enjoy a night out. Brogurt itself is a name that will intrigue people to search for an explanation that will satisfy their curiosity as much as it will satisfy their taste buds. The Brogurt Bar’s three main amenities will be yogurt, beer, and sports.

In order to make yogurt into a man-friendly food, The Brogurt Bar will offer high protein original flavored yogurt with fruit, candies, nuts and other delicious toppings. With a growing desire in our culture to be fit, we feel that our high-protein frozen yogurt will appeal more to men due to it being a fun and healthy treat. Along with our original flavor, there will be a variety of other flavors our customers may choose ranging from peanut butter to cookie dough. Unlike a traditional yogurt shop, The Brogurt Bar will not be a self-service facility; instead beautiful women in their favorite sports jerseys will serve the yogurt to the men who order it.

Our bar will offer a vast array of beers on tap from traditional domestic beers to the finest. The twist to The Brogurt Bar is that although the yogurt is not self-serve, all of the beers on tap will be. Our business will promote weekly beer specials to attract a multitude of customers. While the yogurt will be our busines...

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...ll be a successful college town business because of its uniqueness not only in its products but also in the superior service that it offers to its clients. We are excited to watch our business transform frozen yogurt from a preppy product for girls to a product that all can enjoy!

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